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Self Portrait
Canon G7 (f3.5, 1/2 sec, ISO 200)
January 7, 2007

This is one of the first shots I took with my new Canon G7. I bought this for traveling and to carry around when I don't want to lug my Nikon D80 and lenses with me. This little bugger is one competent little camera. I'm very impressed. I'm a Nikon man when it comes to DSLRs and lenses, but I've always preferred Canon for the high-end point-and-shoot Powershots.

The only nit I have is that there's no RAW on the G7. I normally shoot everything in RAW. But I guess it's not that big deal for a smaller, carry-around camera. Even so, the JPEGs from the G7 are very sharp. Oh, and I do miss the old rotatable flip-out LCD on the G5. But you can't have everything. I think I'd rather have a larger LCD.

Another cool thing about the display is that I can have a floating histogram to survey before I snap the shot.